Adrian Burd

Adrian-PenguinsDr. Burd has a background in theoretical physics and now works on interdisciplinary research problems involving the  physics, biology, and chemistry of the oceans. His current research projects involve work on coastal salt marsh ecosystems, ocean carbon flux and sequestration, and the fate of oil in the marine environment. He teaches courses in Quantitative Methods, Modeling, and Mathematics and Climate. In his spare time, he practices calligraphy and Kashima shinryu.



Chandler Countryman

Chandler CountrymanChandler is working on developing an individual-based model of zooplankton and their effect on the downward flux of particulate organic carbon in the oceans. In particular, she is interested in how the daily vertical migration of zooplankton from the deep to the surface waters to feed affects this flux.



Anusha Dissanayake

Anusha by the ocean

Anusha is a postdoctoral research associate and has a background in engineering and is working on modeling the fate of oil that aggregates with marine particles. She is using a complex model to help predict the downward vertical flux of oil contained in marine particle aggregates after an oil spill.



 Yeajin Jung

YeajinYeajin works on understanding salt marsh grasses, in particular Spartina alterniflora. She has been measuring processes affecting the above and below ground biomass of these plants and is using these data to develop a computer model of Spartina production and growth.